Safe and Comfortable Community for Seniors

  • Continued maintenance of grounds and facility, in addition to services and activities at the current Senior Center
  • Oversee and evaluate Senior Center administration and staff
  • Establish regularly scheduled public meetings with seniors to discuss changing wants and needs
  • Maintain and promote quality emergency services

Public Safety

  • Increasing staffing of our police and fire departments to keep up with Agawam’s population growth, societal issues and expansion of such properties as Six Flags that have created an increased need for safety and security
  • Properly staffing emergency response units including the town’s ambulance service
  • Providing ongoing, relevant training for police and fire with directive from the respective chiefs to address such ever-changing societal needs as sensitivity training, school intruder response and emergency response to natural disaster
  • Take advantage of available resources through the District Attorney’s office and Sheriff’s department to protect our most vulnerable populations and educate groups on trending issues including senior exploitation, internet scams, distracted driving, sexting, drug use and abuse and utilize the K-9 unit, as needed
  • Enhance communication through the existing “Connect City” system to provide open and transparent communication relating to traffic issues, dangerous weather conditions, health-related issues and other issues/situations of a serious nature
  • Conduct drills with interconnected departments to improve effectiveness and reaction time during emergency situations
  • Conduct timely informational seminars and tabletop drills to review safety protocols and procedures
  • Address and tackle the opioid epidemic head-on by providing drug cessation education programming; granting police, fire, paramedics and the schools access to Naloxone (Narcan); leveraging relationships with behavioral health programs and philanthropic community organizations to ensure counseling and treatment to those in need; and above all else, working with local and regional agencies to curb the supply of opioids and other drugs in our community

Opioid plan

  1. Law Enforcement. One key to prevention is stopping supply.
    • Work with our police department and other federal, state and local officials and agencies to engage them in efforts to curb the supply of opioids and other drugs in our community
    • Collaborate with the District Attorney’s office to assure that offenders are prosecuted to the full extent of the law
    • Ensure the Agawam Police Department is staffed appropriately to have enough officers (on the beat/present) and the training and resources they need to do their jobs effectively to keep Agawam safe
  1. Education and Prevention. Prevention begins with continuous education and education must start at a young age.
    • Implement similar results-proven programs including bringing in speakers and professionals on addiction prevention and treatment to assure that our children receive age-appropriate education on the dangers of both prescription and illegal drugs
    • Adapt education to serve such audiences as school educators, faculty and students and their families
  1. Recovery. Recovery from opioids can only begin by first saving a life. Our first responders must be fully equipped with the Naloxone (Narcan) that is used to reverse the effects of an overdose.
    • Work with our lawmakers and the Department of Public Health to secure ongoing funding for Naloxone (Narcan), making it available to police, fire and paramedics and the schools
    • Research all available funding through such sources as the Attorney General’s Office, the Department of Education and Department of Mental Health
  1. Treatment and Rehabilitation. We must commit to working with those adults who are suffering from addiction or who are in long-term recovery so they may become productive citizens.
    • Work collaboratively with the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department to ensure we are taking proactive steps to help
    • Seek guidance and partner with such community-based philanthropic organizations as Behavioral Health Network to assure counseling and treatment programs are accessible to those in need


  • Continued maintenance and oversight of present high-quality school system
  • Ongoing research of specific needs of individual schools based on changing demographics
  • Support of current neighborhood school concept at elementary level
  • Support of current positive school climate in all buildings for staff, students and families
  • Constant review of changing safety issues in today’s climate; i.e., building security, opioid education and fostering a safe learning environment
  • Evaluation, maintenance and needs of facilities and grounds

Business Friendly Environment

  • Unification of all city boards & commissions toward the common goal of promoting economic growth and development to maintain healthy tax base
  • Utilization of Planning and Community Development Department for protection and enhancement of social, economic and environmental quality of life in Agawam for residents and businesses alike
  • Open line of communication between current business owners, Planning and Community Development Department and City Council for decision making in the best interests of Agawam’s residents

Unification of Government

  • Create atmosphere of mutual respect based upon best interests of Agawam as a community
  • Expand current relationships at County and State levels; i.e., Hampden County Sheriff, State Representative and State Senator, for Agawam’s advancement


  • Create open and transparent approach to town budget
  • Restructure department budgets to more accurately reflect need and use of funds
  • Coordinate with Department heads early and often to reflect and recognize interconnection of various Departments in budget creation